Mindfulness Somatic Therapies

Mindfulness is a tool, maybe the very best tool, for developing consciousness. Mindfulness is becoming a silent witness to one’s own experience in the present moment. The twelfth century poet Rumi wrote:20130111_175357_8_bestshot

“Stay here, quivering like a drop of mercury. This moment…. every moment, if it is genuinely inside you, brings what you need.”

This is the essence of mindfulness: to be fully present to our experience, whatever it is: our thoughts, images, memories, breath, body sensations, the sounds and smells and tastes, moods and feelings and the quality of our whole experience as well as of the various parts. Mindfulness is not our notions about our experience, but even noticing the notions.

Roxanne Peterson, PhD, RN, LMHC verified by GoodTherapy.org

quote from Ron Kurtz

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